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My name is Larry Whaley, and I am a Website Developer. Years ago a great way to learn website design came to fruition. They offered front-end development without the need for code to design a website.

There are issues with this design philosophy such as the fact that you have a database, that you may not access. You have tied yourself to their server and the tools they provide. It is difficult to change to another host without a recreation of your hard work.

As the years progressed more and more front-end development came into the market. First I need a platform. I decided on WordPress as it is used by 35% of the internet, including large companies. The next step was to try to remove coding from the equation. I decided on two different professional themes that use front-end builder technology.

I ended up with Themify and Divi. Themify offers 42 different themes available. I also selected Divi, as it is very customizable. I have many professional plugins available. I include a forms creation and a membership plugin.

I built my server and I will host your website for as long as you like. I have set up a way for you to learn website design with a product that you can take with you. That includes the theme, plugins, and database.

As a member of IDWPH view videos and written material to help instruct you in your journey. You will have a Discord server. Chat and socialize with others. Share your screen and receive help when needed. I want to build a community where we learn from one another. join me and Expand Your Horizons…