IDWPH – Integral Design WordPress Hosting is a branch of Integral Design Solutions. We saw a trend in today’s market and thought we should follow suit. More and more people are on a path to designing their websites.
Investigating we found that many started for free with limited resources. As time went by they had to spend more to remove branding and resources. If they chose to add e-commerce to their site they must pay a fee for that. We knew that once you locked yourself into a platform, to transfer out was difficult.
There are a lot of content management systems or CMS available on the free market. We decided to take one of the most popular CMS WordPress and place a new emphasis on simplifying it.
We know that for beginners that new things can be scary, so we decided to offer training in video format. We will be using text format as well, but many like to see the steps that take place and video is the best way to do it.
We know that simplicity is the best policy. We searched for what we believed the be the best front-end platforms for themes. From experience, we know that only the best themes offer the functionality that we will need. We offer two theme authors Themify and Divi.
Most enjoy having an interactive membership site. After using many different options we chose ProfileGrid. It integrates well with many other plugins on the market. It has a messenger feature, the ability for site members to create blog posts and pages plus more.
We know that forms are another big part of website design and found one that we loved. There are many available but the one we selected was RegistrationMagic. We later found out that the creators of RegistrationMagic also created ProgileGrid. The two plugins integrate together. There is no need for knowledge of HTML to create forms with ease.
There are a lot of options available in site security. We decided on three options to harden and secure your site. We decided to use three different plugins for both security and hardening your site. Fail2Ban, Cerber Security, and Wordfence.
We maintain your site for you. There is not a need to worry about plugin updates as we take care of that. You will still have to set up certain security measures, but we provide a video tutorial for each.
Join us in your next adventure and explore new horizons…

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