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Abuse Policy

Abuse and right infringement reporting does all it can to prevent abuse and infringement of rights by use of its website. As you understand, due to the fact that the content on our website is uploaded by the users, we do not have full control over it.

If you have a complaint regarding any content uploaded to our website by any user, please notify us and we will deal with it immediately.  IDWPH is suppose to be a professional place to learn and share.

All sites hosted on IDWPH will be listed on a page for visitors to view.  Please remember that the anything unlawful, or related to any form of pornography will not remove your site from the hosting, but will remove the site from the view list.  The view list is a great way to increase traffic flow on your site.

Below is the information regarding the submission of abuse complaints. Please follow the instructions so we can assist you in getting your abuse complaint resolved in an efficient manner.

​Please note that any statements made by any Integral Design employee or representative in connection to a complaint include no promises of action on which you should rely.



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