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Positions Available

I have a couple of positions available to help manage my site and Discord server.  You must have a good knowledge of discord, and the basics in understanding forum moderation.  I am looking for one that is a strong developer and familiar with all things Themify.  I also need one that has knowledge of all things Divi-based.  Everything in the moderation department is simple.  If someone has knowledge of Discord bots is very useful.

I really want to try to incorporate Discord into the focus of my website, which is useful because of the screen-sharing technology.  I am also incorporating a forum on the website for answering quick questions and answers.  As I don’t have to point out to you, many do not use voice and want to type more than speak. 

Let me give a quick explanation of the way things work.  IDWPH stands for Integral Design WordPress Hosting.  Now the hosting accounts are set up as subdomains so they are not permanent unless they do not care about being a subdomain.  The main purpose of this site is to give them training in website development.  They are offered the use of any of 43 professional themes and a handful of professional plugins for one low monthly cost.

Through the use of video, forums, and Discord with hands-on support they may learn to create their very own website.  The strength behind this is that I do not tie them to a server and tools they can not take with them.  They do not get security keys, so they will have to purchase unless IDWPH is paid the monthly fee.  This is where I need assistance.

Starting out I will not be able to offer a payment until I have managed to secure the thousands of dollars I’ve spent to get this operational.  You as an assistant will be given your own hosting account after a period of time and access to all the plugins and themes I have.  

The next opportunity for you is the ability to design for those that want a website but can not seem to do it themselves.  There are some rules that are set in this factor of course that will be discussed upon your acceptance.

At first, allow me to say that this site is new and I do not have an advertising budget.  Getting up and off the ground is the first step of the journey.

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