We offer professional themes from two different authors.  42 different theme selections from to select from.  We also offer Divi and Extra by Elegant Themes.

Both authors offer excellent professional themes.  Divi seems to be the direction a lot are going toward and for good reason.  I really like how they incorporate CSS into each of their modules independently.  Divi offers a new approach and one that you have to grow accustomed to.

I’ve laid out all of the themes offered by Themify for you to look at.  My personal favorites are Stack, Split, Corporate,  and Ultra.

I’m personally newer to the Divi theme and still growing accustomed to it.  You may read more about the theme at the Elegant Themes website.

You may change themes at any time, with the knowledge that you understand a couple of things.  Your posts and pages will remain, however, any code you have written as well as color combinations will be lost.  You will have to start the layout again.  Also. remember that each theme is different in functionality, so the design options will differ.

Themify Themes

Selecting an item will open a demo of the theme.

If you are viewing on tablet or phone you may have to scroll as all images in the table will not be visible.

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